Mr. T. K. Visweswara Rao

Chairman & Managing Director

Globalization of the Industry in general has thrown up new Challenges to reduce the Cost of Production & to look for By-Products for Sustainability.

In Sugar Industry the Quest for survival has given birth to Co-Generation, Molasses based By-Products, and Bagasse based Paper/hard board Plants to name few.

Taking Clue from the well-known caption “Power Saved is Power Produced”, we at VRL, in our mission choose to serve the Sugar Industry by developing new Generation Energy efficient equipments, leading to reduced steam & electrical Power consumption.

In Depth study of every equipment, coupled with our continuous R&D efforts have resulted in bringing out energy efficient mills & process house, which can operate with very less steam & power. We are proud for our contribution towards saving our mother earth from global warming by reducing emission & pollution, with energy conservation. Our recent achievement is to operate entire sugar plant with steam percent cane less than 30% & electrical power consumption less than 28KW per Ton of Cane. All these achievements are without compromising the quality & keeping ease of operation in mind.

Our new generation Vertical/Horizontal Continuous Vacuum Pans supported by our state of art Instrumentation & Automation and energy efficient equipment’s like Direct Contact Heaters, Flash recovery systems, Condensate Heaters, Molasses Conditioners, Sugar melters are helping us to set new benchmark in Steam % Cane. The major policy decision towards ethanol directly from sugar cane juice by government of India in the year 2018 is going to change sugar scenario globally, and India will be one of the major players in the market. This policy decision in future is going to influence Sugar Price in India as well as outside by way of directing excess Sugarcane for Ethanol Production.

Taking advantage of future market in this line, VRL is stepping into ethanol/alcohol plants manufacture and supply on turnkey basis (EPC). In order to effectively target this area, VRL has tied up with M/S. MDT, a company established in Italy in the year 1842 with proven track record in the field of Distillation.

In addition to Ethanol, the demand for Raw Sugar, Sulphur less Sugar and refined sugar, both for domestic market as well as for export is increasing, paving way for new sugar refineries as well as converting existing sulphitation sugar mills into refineries. VRL developed state of art technology in this area and successfully commissioned 1100 tons / day sugar refinery with in a record period of 8 months from concept to commissioning to produce bold grain and less than 28 ICUMSA sugar with very low steam % cane.

All this once again prove that VRL raises to the new trend/demand in sugar industry.