• Auto Cane Feed Control System
    The system has been designed to ensure steady feeding of cane at first mill by regulating carrier speeds. Tripping of Preparatory devices
  • Diffuser Automation
    Monitoring the prepared cane level in diffusers and controlling the bed speed. Monitoring and Controlling of scalding juice level & its quantity and temperature at different zones, imbibition flow rate are precisely maintained.
  • Mill Automation
    Load and Speed of each mill are monitored. The speed of each mill drive is controlled in proportion to the load on the mill, within the preset high and low speed limits. Thus if load increased, the speed also increases and vice versa, but the speed variation is within the preset band width of the speed.
    Chute levels in all the mills are monitored too. When level in a particular Donnelly Chute rises above extreme high level, even after the mill speed reaches its maximum preset limit, then the carrier of that mill and all the preceding carriers will stop automatically.
  • Juice Flow Stabilization
    Juice Flow Stabilization system assures uniform and steady flow of juice to the clarification house.Juice flow is monitored via Electro Magnetic Flow meter OR Mass Flow meter and the same is maintained steady by controlling either Speed of pump OR regulating bypass valve at weighed juice receiving tank pump delivery.
  • Fully Automated Falling Film Evaporator
    Our Falling Film Evaporators are unique in design and are well supported by Automation. Controls are provided for Juice Outlet, Recirculation, Emergency Water (Condensate). Required rate of juice recirculation is maintained, wetting entire inner surface of the tubes, eliminating sugar losses due to overheating of juice.
  • Fully Automated Vertical Continuous Pan
    Our Vertical Continuous Pans are fully automated and supplied with Distributed Control System for trouble free operation. Instrumentation and Controls are provided for Seed Control, Feed Control, Level Controls, Vacuum Control, Vapour Pressure Control & Condenser Control. Apart from the above, there are many more parameters which are monitored and controlled continuously.
  • Batch Centrifugal Automation
    Batch Centrifugal automation comprises of AC/DC Drives with fully wired panel which are in turn controlled by PLC-HMI.
  • Condenser Automation
    VRL Split and Single Entry Condensers are provided with Automation for better functionality. Vacuum at Inlet of Condenser, Temperature of Vapour inlet at Condenser, Temperature of Tail pipe water, Temperature of water inlet to Condenser are monitored. Based on the above, VRL has developed specialized blocks which control the water to the Condenser by maintaining Vacuum at desired value.