Vertical Continuous Vacuum Pan (VCP)

VRL make VCP is of cylindrical shaped multi chamber construction. All compartments are arranged one above the other. The ratio of heating surface (meter square) to volume (cubic meter) is provided liberally for improved exhaustion. The Top most compartment receives the seed magma & liquor at the center of the down take. Partially boiled massecuite from top compartment is continuously fed to compartment below & finally reach bottom most compartment. Brix of massecuite inside the Pan is gradually raised and maintained by adding crystal free liquor in all chambers at the center of the down take. Multi chamber construction facilitates the use of different vapors for different chambers contributing to steam economy. Use of mechanical circulator with variable frequency drive for each chamber, results in homogenous mixture of massecuite, yielding uniform crystal size and improved evaporation rate. 'W' shaped bottom saucer ensures proper circulation & eliminates dead pockets. Each calendria is provided with entrainment catching arrangement. Modular compartment facilitates cleaning of any chamber, even when the pan is in continuous operation. The pan is automated with Distributed Control System (DCS) for trouble free operation. Based on VRL expertise in instrumentation & controls, every operation right from feeding of seed, liquor, Brix of massecuite inside pan, vapor feed, condensate extraction, vacuum control etc., is monitored precisely and controlled by DCS.